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Should the schools allow makeup within its premises?

We definitely won’t be happy for our daughters at 11 to be able to put the full makeup on and then go out for the day. But we the parents usually don’t think that they should be stopped from playing with makeup entirely. They think that makeup allowed at school, because it is form of personal expression.

This is a very hot topic to debate, especially among teenagers, and most of them definitely don’t like the idea of makeup ban in the school. But let’s ask ourselves, do our little girls really need to wear makeup in the school?

Yes, makeup is something to make you look in your best self, but we often forget that school is not a beauty pageant and the purpose of going to school is completely different. Today in this article, let’s have looked on today’s topic of whether makeup should be allowed at school or not.

A School and its purpose, and why we shouldn’t allow school girl makeup

First of all, what is a school, and what’s the purpose of the school in our society? We don’t want to sound puritan, but this is the fundamental question we need to ask ourselves first. A school is a place where we educate our children – not only by teaching some textbooks but moral values and virtues too.

What that means is this is the exact place where they learn that our inner beauty as a human being is more important than the way how we look. This is the place where they learn to act equal to every human being irrespective of how they look, what their skin color is, and what race they belong to.

You can say this is kind of a bit cliché, and we are in 2019, not 1919 – but aren’t all of the basic principles are still as valuable as they were a hundred years ago?

These are the things we need to instill in the mind of our little ones at their early stage of life. When we allow our kids to put makeup in the school, that means we are allowing them to become “prettier” than the others, we are allowing them to be stand out by their looks, and not by their quality as students. This is precisely the opposite of what the school teaches to our child.

schools makeup

We know how today teens act is and behave and how they are like. They do watch TV shows, movies, and they are already being aware that outer look is crucial for our society, and a good looking person gets more attention than a not-so-pretty person.

We don’t teach them this directly, but they are already getting this concept from all the TV ads, magazines, etc. What we need to do is try to make them “unlearn” this wrong point of view towards people, not the opposite.

And what better place than a school to be an ideal place of showing them that every human being is equal and deserve to be treated equally. Therefore, we need to tell our girls that wearing makeup to school is not a good idea and it will work against the concept and ethics of a school.